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Preparing for a refit

With the season winding down, the customary winter yard periods are now in full swing. Whether you’re preparing for routine winter maintenance or some more serious work, it would be prudent to advise your insurers. You should disclose the yard where the work is being undertaken, what is being done (in particular any hot work), the anticipated yard […]

Know your cruise requirements

With the summer season winding down, it is often the case that yachts begin to look ahead to the winter season. While many opt to complete refit works during this time, for others, it means setting sail for sunnier shores. Therefore, should you be exploring instead, whether in the Caribbean, Pacific, or even further afield, each […]

Toys on board: Segways

Having been around for a number of years now, segways have even made it on board as the latest toy for owners, guests or even crew to run errands. However, when using a Segway, as with any equipment on board, some thought needs to be given to its use including training but most importantly, whether you are covered […]

Towing tenders

  Whilst the majority of yachts carry their tenders on board, an increasing number are turning to towing as a viable option. A shift in use and requirements of tenders has seen the emergence of larger tenders that are too big to be kept on board. For others, towing negates the chore of launching and […]

Crew welfare

Since the introduction of the MLC, the ‘Crew Package’ has become more important to crew with additional benefit and medical insurance becoming compulsory for commercial yachts. Most owners will look after the crew with a full medical policy and cover expenses in the event of illness or injury, however with some exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Or if the […]

Get race ready

  With the race season upon us, it’s important to shed some light on this exciting sector of the industry. One of the reasons why an owner may opt for a sailing yacht, is not only the potential to explore some unchartered territories, but to unleash that competitive streak and race her in one of the many […]