Know your cruise requirements


With the summer season winding down, it is often the case that yachts begin to look ahead to the winter season. While many opt to complete refit works during this time, for others, it means setting sail for sunnier shores. Therefore, should you be exploring instead, whether in the Caribbean, Pacific, or even further afield, each region has their own unique considerations.

If sailing east to explore the Maldives and Asia, Piracy and War coverage should be discussed with your broker. Yacht insurance policies are subject to the JWC (Joint War Committee) listed areas, which excludes War and Piracy coverage for the areas listed. With prior notice, we are able to extend coverage for the required voyage ensuring coverage remains in force. Insurers will charge an additional premium and coverage will be subject to a number of conditions , which may include registration with the MSC HOA (Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa) and to compliance with best management practices.

When sailing west toward the USA and Caribbean, different considerations are needed. COFR (Certificate of Financial Responsibility) will need to be applied for all yachts over 300 gross tons in USA waters. It is important to arrange your COFR and supporting insurance prior to arrival. This will prevent any issues with the US Coast Guard who can detain vessels or deny entry into US ports.

The cruising/navigation specified on all policies in place will need to be checked against your cruising itinerary requirements. Ensuring appropriate coverage is in place before any voyage will prevent any coverage issues should a claim arise. So if you are not on the right plan, you might not be covered.

It is vital to check coverage is in place for your cruising itinerary. This can be done by contacting your broker or by looking at the cruising/navigation specified on your insurance documentation. If you’re unsure, please do get in touch as we’re always here to help.