In the event of a medical emergency which may require treatment, hospitalisation or emergency repatriation, contact NORTHCOTT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LTD (NGS) control centre immediately, quoting the name of your yacht/employer. The team offer multi-lingual, 24hr service, 365 days per year.

+44 (0) 20 7183 8910

In addition to 24 hour assistance, we can offer the following:

DIRECT PAYMENT: In most cases involving hospitalisation, NORTHCOTT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS will make direct payments/guarantees locally. The hospital or clinic should therefore invoice NORTHCOTT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS directly for payment.

AIR RESCUE/REPATRIATION: In the event of hospitalisation and/or the need for repatriation, NORTHCOTT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS must be contacted as soon as possible. All repatriations must be approved and arranged by NORTHCOTT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS prior to travel.

For minor claims please click the Claim Form above. If you or your medical officer complete the form and return to together with copies of the receipts, we can process quick authorisation and payment. In addition, if you require any additional claim forms then please use DocuPing which can be found within the Sanctum App or you can use the quick claim notification within the App.